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Celebrate your year end in moyo style!

A year end function at moyo is not only the perfect way to thank your team for their hard work throughout the year but also a great way to have some fun while eating African cuisine. Book your year end function at moyo and enjoy our African cuisine, traditional hand washing and face painting to celebrate the end of 2018.

Come and enjoy our famous communal feasts and get captivated by the moyo experience. This moyo way of sharing a meal that is served to your table is an amazing way of feasting while enjoying great conversations and bringing people together.

You can expect crisp Moroccan flat bread, drizzled with olive oil & Dukkah spice and Tunisian flat bread served with chickpea & chilli dip served to you on arrival. Main courses range from Spicy North African chicken, Traditional beef dombolo, Senegalese line fish and our world-renowned Oxtail Amos served with a variation of sides. All communal feasts are 3 courses, so leave room for our amazing desserts!

Don’t forget about our exciting buffet offerings that cater for larger groups. moyo is always generous when it comes to food and our buffets are no different!

Tell your friends, colleagues and bosses to come to moyo!


Moyo Blouberg year end communal feasting starts at R269pp
Call us on +27 21 286 0662 or email us at to book your seat

Moyo Kirstenbosch year end communal feasting starts at R299pp
Call us on +27 21 762 9585 or email us at to book your seat

Moyo Ushaka year end communal feasting starts at R269pp
Call us on +27 31 332 0606 or email us at to book your seat

Moyo Melrose Arch year end communal feasting starts at R285pp
Call us on +27 11 684 1477 or email us at to book your seat

Moyo Zoo Lake year end communal feasting starts at R255pp
Call us on +27 11 646 0058 or email us at to book your seat

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moyo is excited to collaborate with Doek on Fleek for this year’s Woman’s Day.

moyo is excited to collaborate with Doek on Fleek for this year’s Woman’s Day.

Doek on Fleek (on Fleek meaning ‘cool’) is the name of the organisation Thandi Mavata and Lusiwe Mlambo founded in May 2016. It started at a Mothers’ Day event Thankdi Mavata had organised, which told women to “doek it like your mother taught you”. The doek has a strong representation of generational knowledge that has been passed down as grandmothers, mothers and sisters taught younger girls how to wrap themselves in years of inherited feminine knowledge.

The moyo restaurants will be offering the following events:

moyo Kirstenbosch an evening function for 350 guests. Cost will be R325 per person, this includes a festive woman’s day buffet at moyo and a Doek on fleek experience. The event will take place form 6pm – 10pm.

moyo Blouberg A midmorning brunch buffet for 150 guests. Cost will be R240 per person. This includes moyo Blouberg’s famous brunch buffet and a Doek on Fleek experience. The event will be from 9am – 12pm.

moyo uShaka a Lunch buffet for 250 guests. Cost will be R339 per person. This includes the moyo uShaka Woza celebrations buffet and a Doek on Fleek experience. The event will be from 12pm – 3pm

moyo Zoo Lake a Lunch buffet for 1000 guests. Cost will be R400 per person. This includes the moyo Zoo Lake Woza celebrations buffet and a Doek on Fleek experience. The event will take place from 12pm – 3pm

Tickets for these events are limited and will sell fast,
so make sure you book now!

Terms & Conditions

  • Tickets have to be pre-paid in order to attend the events
  • This event is for women only
  • Please bring your own doek to the event
  • All food and beverages must be bought from moyo, no bring your own.
  • Dress code is all white
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As you know, we love celebrating at moyo and with Father’s Day coming up we are definitely going to celebrate our Dads! Good fathers lead, teach, protect and show patience and fully deserve to get spoiled on Sunday 17 June.

So, in celebrating all the amazing dads, we have decided to offer a cash prize of R5000 to a lucky father!

To enter is very simple:

  • Book a table at your favourite moyo for Father’s Day
  • Spend more than R500 on the day in store
  • Fill out the Father’s Day competition entry form
  • Attach your bill to the entry form
  • Throw your bill and entry form in the competition box

Terms and Conditions

A deposit may be required to confirm your booking. Not all moyo restaurants offer the same menu on the day, please inquire when booking. Only one entry per father. Entrants must have spent more than R500 at a moyo on Father’s Day (17June 2018) and attach the required entry form to the bill. Should there be more than one father at the table they can only enter in multiples of R500 spend, thus 3 fathers must have a minimum of R1500 total for all 3 to qualify. Only entries from the competition box will be considered. Entrants must be older than 18. One winner will be chosen nationally. The draw will take place on Friday 29 June 2018, the lucky winner will then be contacted and announced on our social platforms. By entering you give us consent to use you name and picture on our social platforms.

See what your favourite moyo has to offer on Father’s Day


moyo Kirstenbosch will be offering a Father’s Day buffet along with our exciting Winter set menu feast.

Book now at +27 21 762 9585 or


moyo Blouberg will be offering their A la carte menu as well as the Usafiri set menu on the day.

Book now at +27 21 286 0662 or


moyo uShaka will have their famous Woza weekend buffet on offer along with our Winter set menu feast.

Book now at +27 31 332 0606 or

Melrose Arch

moyo Melrose Arch will be offering our exciting Winter set menu feast as well as their A la carte menu.

Book now at +27 11 684 1477 or

Zoo Lake

At moyo Zoo Lake you will be spoilt for choice with our famous Woza weekend buffet, the Winter set menu feast and the A la carte menu on offer for Father’s Day.

Book now at +27 11 646 0058 or

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moyo Winter Set Menu

moyo is excited to announce this year’s winter set menu. The menu is a celebration of African cuisine, and dishes have been custom created to deliver a unique experience.

moyo provides a sophisticated dining experience with modern African ambience, and this year we really focussed on comfort food to trigger some nostalgic memories. Adventurous or safe, meat-lover or vegetarian, comfort-eater or fine-dining foodie, the new moyo winter menu will deliver a delectable experience for every kind of palate.

moyo winter menu starters

The selection of starters is made up of a flavourful Turmeric roasted cauliflower soup; Angolan beef bone marrow Trinchado, Camarao Croquettes (Prawn croquettes served with a creamy adjika red pepper puree) and Tunisian wings (Harissa grilled chicken wings with a pomegranate dipping sauce)


moyo winter menu main courses

Our main course options include the 4 Africa Lamb Chops (Dukkah lamb chop thins on a bed of sweet corn puree & sheba, grilled mealies and pap), Seafood Samp Paella Potjie, West African Schnitzel (African peanut and toasted coconut crusted chicken breast, served with onion and potato mash and ndezi cheese sauce) and Whole roasted Kuzi aubergine.

For this edition, we wanted to add the ultimate “Wow factor” and have included a main course substitution at an extra R39.00. It is simply titled “Imbazo” and is a 400gr Sirloin on the bone served with roasted tomatoes & pearl onions, a herb, garlic & cumin pesto, grilled mealies & sautéed sweet potato thins. A meal fit for the hungry!

moyo winter menu main desserts

Designed to satisfy any sweet tooth, our desserts consist of a Madagascan ice cream sandwich, Red velvet beetroot cheesecake (served with a berry compote and chocolate crumb) and our moyo Mess (brown sugar caramel pavlova topped with, spicy muscadel poached pears, whipped cream, gooseberries)

2 Courses are available for R189 and 3 Courses are available for R229. This is inclusive of a R5 donation to StreetSmart. Add any Brampton moyo house wine for R30.00 per 250ml Carafe.


Book Now!

 available for lunch on Monday to Saturday

available from 6 pm Monday to Sunday

available Monday to Friday Lunch and dinner. On weekends for dinner only

available from Monday to Saturday Lunch and dinner

 available from Monday to Sunday, Lunch and dinner

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Johannesburg is a rich city with an expansive list of places to see. It’s so difficult to pack in all of the experiences you would like to show a guest who only has one day to explore the city. We’ve put together an itinerary focused on showcasing all of the best elements Jozi has to offer.

The Rosebank Art & Craft Market

A tourist favourite, the Rosebank Art and Craft Market offers beautiful hand-made products from South Africa, Ghana, Congo, Cameroon, Malawi, Kenya, Mali, Senegal, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Your guests can browse a wide range of handcrafted wide range of ornaments, beadwork, handbags, décor items and paintings. A plus is experiencing the vibrant traders and bartering for the best price!


Dlala Nje

Founded in 2012, Dlale Nje aims to challenge perceptions through inner-city immersions and experiences in some of Joburg’s most misunderstood areas. The walking tours have proved to be incredibly popular and an absolute must for anyone who wants to experience the real Johannesburg. Dlale Nje has various tours including the Ponte City Experience and This is Hillbrow which explore famous landmarks in the area and give the guests a true taste of Jozi.

The tours average around 3kms over 3 hours and includes a meal and a beverage. Translators can be provided on request.

Carlton Centre

While still in the CBD make sure to take in the breath-taking views at Carlton Centre. The 50-storey building offers 360 degrees of the Johannesburg Skyline. The Carlton Centre is still the tallest building in Africa and was once the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Carlton Centre complex was once home to the famous five-star, 30-storey Carlton Hotel, which was prime accommodation in Gauteng and popular with the rich and famous. Guests Hillary Clinton, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Whitney Houston and Mick Jagger. Urban decay in the inner city in the 1990s took its toll on the hotel, which shut its doors in 1997 after nearly 25 years of operation and to this day the Carlton Hotel, which sits next to the Carlton Centre, remains empty.

The Carlton Centre now is now occupied by offices on the upper floors and a popular shopping centre. Admission to the “Top of Africa” costs R15.00 and is accessible via lifts in the mall.

The Joburg Zoo

A must do for every visitor to South Africa is see the Big 5. The Joburg Zoo houses over 320 species of animals and is internationally accredited and highly respected for its high standard of animal welfare, nutrition and ethical conduct. The zoo offers various routes, so it is easy to select which enclosures you would like to visit especially if you are exhausted after the day’s sightseeing. The big 5 are conveniently located along African Avenue, The Giraffe Run and the Elephant Walk. The impressive collection of crocodiles along the way are an additional treat. The Joburg Zoo

The AngloGold Lion enclosure houses 11 lions with 3 magnificent pride males and their pride females. The Zoo also has rare white lions making up their lion pride.

Sundowners & Dinner at moyo Zoolake

Finish off a busy day taking in the sights with the beautiful views from the moyo Zoo Lake deck.

moyo Zoo Lake is a tranquil retreat from the urban hustle and bustle of Joburg and as the African sunsets, cocktails on the deck and fabulous live music set the tone for an extraordinary evening of fine-dining and soulful vibes. Let your international guest immerse themselves in an African hand wash ceremony and have their faces painted for those perfect Instagram moments of a short stay in South Africa.

moyo offers an extensive menu of African delicacies including Nyama na kumba, Moroccan slow braised lamb shank, Mozambique peri peri prawns and Senegalese line fish. There is also a well-rounded list of South African wines available to complete your meal.

During the chilly winter months ahead moyo offers warm and cosy blankets as well as gas-heaters to keep the chill at bay. So don’t let the cold scare you.

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When we think of tagines we often think of an item on a menu that could be ordered the same way as a chicken tikka masala or an oxtail stew. But the word ‘tagine’ also takes its name from the earthenware cookware it is made in.

Tagines are typically a stew-like dish made with meat, vegetables or fruit, on occasion with potatoes or lentils and a thick gravy. It is served with a variety of starches today although traditionally couscous or bread was commonplace.

The very concise history of the tagine

When it comes to flavour, the moyo tagines and the majority of what you will find recipes for is based on the Moroccan tagines.

In most Moroccan dishes, including the tagine, one can trace the long lineage of immigrants and colonizers who have left their mark in more than one way.  The cuisine of the first inhabitants of Morocco, the Berbers, still exists today in staple dishes like the tagine. New spices, nuts and dried fruit came later with the Arab invasion, which we see in combinations like dates with lamb tagines. The Moors brought olives and citrus fruit and the Jewish-Moors left their incredibly sophisticated preserving techniques behind. The Ottoman Empire introduced kebabs and the French colony, although very short-lived, left behind a culture of cafes, pastries and wine.

When you consider the rich culinary history in the region it is both impressive how far the modern tagine has come and incredible that it has stood the test of time and still survives today.

Moroccan food, and therefore by proxy tagines, has a remarkable character when it comes to the spices that colours the cuisine. The staples are dried ginger, cumin, salt, black pepper and turmeric. Cumin is so common in Moroccan cuisine that it is often served alongside salt and pepper on the table. Cinnamon makes its appearance in tagines, from time to time, often in combination with sweeter ingredients such as dates or dried fruit. In tomato-based tagines, you may find paprika or smoked paprika.

But who introduced this appetizing dish to the nomadic tribes who first used it? Or was it invented in Morocco itself? According to the Encyclopaedia of Kitchen History by Mary Ellen Snodgrass, the tagine dates back to Harun al Rashid, a late eighth-century ruler of the Islamic empire. Foods cooked tagine-style appeared in The Thousand and One Nights (or more commonly known as ‘Arabian Nights’) in the ninth century. Some sources date it back to the Roman Empire because of the portable ovens used by Romans that are similar to tagines.


How tagines work

There are different ways to prepare the tagine. You have the original qidra style in which Arabian clarified butter is used to lubricate the surface and a puree of chopped onion is added for flavour and aroma. For “muqawlli” style cooking, the ingredients are placed in olive oil to enrich the flavours.

The fluted cone shape of a tagine contributes to the incredible succulent dish it creates. The angled lid causes steam to return to the dish as it cooks. This in combination with slow heat produces a stew-like dish that is cooked evenly and meat that is ‘fall-off-the-bone’ soft.

Let’s take a moment to remember our high school science classes. Some of the mystery around why tagines work so well to create tender flavourful dishes is in the science.

Some materials are conductors of heat and energy and others are insulators. Clay is such an insulator, which heats very slowly, almost reluctantly and then disperses the energy in the same way – very slowly.

Now just consider for a second when you cook a steak in a hot skillet, it gets a nice char, but it can also become a little tough, mostly because the muscle tissue seizes up due to the sudden shock of the heat.

On the other end of the scale, we have slow cooking methods. In the last few years, there has been a rising trend towards “sous vide” which means you cook meat in a sealed plastic bag at very low temperatures for hours and then adding a char or browning effect by a quick sear or grill right before serving (the “reverse sear”. Whether these techniques really make a difference is up to a person’s personal taste – but if you like slow cooked food then tagines could be to your liking.

Paula Wolfert, an American Cookbook author and expert on Clay Pot Cooking, tells the tale of how the food was prepared in Moroccan villages utilising slow heat. The custom was to prepare meals a day in advance by filling tall clay pots with meat, seasoning and vegetables. Packing them tightly and covering them, and then placing them overnight in the ashes of a big communal fire.  In the morning the villagers would retrieve the pot with everything cooked evenly after being cooked on a very uneven heat source for the night.

In addition to the slow cooking factor, there is an ‘urban legend like’ quality that some cooks ascribe to the clay tagines that absorb flavour over time. According to some, you will never find that kind of flavour in a stainless-steel pot.


The modern tagine

Although history points to tagines (the cookware) being made from unglazed clay we’ve seen an uprising of kitchenware brands modernizing this ancient cookware since the late 1990s. Tagines are now available in cast iron and enamelled cast iron that holds some of the same benefits of slow cooking tender flavourful dishes. The new cast iron versions prove to be significantly more practical in a modern kitchen where open fires are not as commonplace and stovetop proof cookware is required.

Our consensus is simple. At moyo, we love the warm hearty flavour of a tagine, that is why you will find them on our menu. We hope to see you at a moyo soon to enjoy this rich historic dish.

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moyo is a celebration of commitment to the beauty of Africa and her people, inspired by the traditions and values of our ancestors. moyo’s famously warm hospitality and modern African ambiance makes it the ultimate destination for a unique African experience.

In May 2017 moyo partnered with StreetSmart South Africa as part of the organisations’ initiative to raise funds for street children projects through participating restaurants and has since donated more than R90 000 to local StreetSmart charities. StreetSmart was started in 2005 under the founding patronage of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. The funds raised go to selected and approved organisations that run programs for the normalisation of street and vulnerable children’s lives. moyo creates awareness with a StreetSmart menu insert at all moyo restaurants, informing customers that a voluntary R5 can automatically be added to the table’s bill. Should the patrons wish to contribute more or none at all they should simply inform their waiter. StreetSmart operational costs are sponsored so every cent donated at restaurants goes to the beneficiaries.

The StreetSmart organisation’s message is to encourage the public not to give money to street children as this enables them to carry on living on the streets. In essence, eating at a StreetSmart restaurant and contributing is the “smart” way to help a street child.

“We took a long time to find a partner that had both a national footprint and a benefit to local organisations. The fact that 100% of the proceeds go to the relevant charities is what won us over. We are looking forward to a long and substantial partnership with StreetSmart,” says Innes Linder, moyo National Marketing Manager.

Visit one of the five moyo restaurants which span across South Africa including; Blouberg and Kirstenbosch in Cape Town, Ushaka in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Zoo Lake or Melrose in Johannesburg to make your StreetSmart contribution.

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February, 2018: The day of red roses, pink hearts and white doves is fast approaching. For all you love-sick puppies, the secret admirers and those of you who are convinced you are going to have to share your grey years with your ‘bestie’… moyo welcomes you to a unique Valentine’s experience!

Planning the perfect Valentine’s date for your special person takes a considerable amount of deliberating. This is a time to enjoy your loved ones, rather than getting lost in the execution. Let’s face it, everyone relishes in a little wining and dining. Come write your own African love story at moyo this Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is sit back, indulge in flavoursome food and whisper sweet nothings into your significant other’s ear. Allow the warm hospitable staff at moyo to take it from there.

Upon arrival you will be greeted with a complementary welcome drink to toast to the evening. A selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be available. So, whether you want to calm your nerves and seem naturally charismatic for your Valentine or you couldn’t find a babysitter and have to be on your best behaviour, we have you covered. Please note that each individual moyo has its own Valentine’s food experience planned.

Cape Town:


The Valentine’s day experience includes a Methodé Cap Classique tasting with a pâté selection and melba toast, a complimentary welcome drink, a 3-course meal, and soulful live entertainment, for R395 per person.

100% deposit is required in order to secure your booking.

Contact them on (T) 021 762 9585 or to reserve your spot for an unforgettable experience.


Valentine’s day at moyo includes a full al a carte menu, a complimentary welcome drink and soulful live entertainment.

R125pp deposit is required in order to secure your booking.

Contact them on (T) 021 286 0662 or to reserve your spot for an unforgettable experience.


Melrose Arch

The Valentine’s day experience includes a 3-course meal, a complementary welcome drink and soulful live entertainment, for R350 per person.

100% deposit is required in order to secure your booking.

Contact us on (T) 011 684 1477 or to reserve your spot for an unforgettable experience.

Zoo Lake

Valentine’s day at Zoo Lake includes a 3-course meal, a complementary welcome drink and soulful live entertainment, for R375 per person.

100% deposit is required in order to secure any bookings.

Contact them on (T) 011 646 0058 or to reserve your spot for an unforgettable experience.



Valentine’s day at moyo includes a full al a carte menu, a complimentary welcome drink and soulful live entertainment.

R125pp deposit is required in order to secure your booking.

Contact them on (T) 031 332 0606 or to reserve your spot for an unforgettable experience.

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moyo uShaka February Promotion

February is budget month in Mzanzi, so moyo uShaka will be running budget-friendly promotions for the rest of the month.

Pick your favourite and bring your friends and family for an unforgettable experience without busting the bank!

Weekly Specials for Moyo Main

Burger Mondays

Buy a Dukkah Delight or Mamas Inkukhu Burger and get a Moyo Burger for free.


Potjie Tuesdays

Any one of the following Potjies @ R 99.00

  • Beef Dombolo
  • Durban Lamb Curry
  • Tripe
  • 3 Bean Curry


Mahala Kids Wednesdays

Buy any moyo main meal and get a free kiddies meal!


Phuza Thursdays

Buy any one of our light meals and get a classic cocktail for R 35.00


Samaki Fridays (Lunch Only)

Fish and Chips for R 65.00


Bunny Saturdays (Lunch Only)

Buy our Lamb Bunny and get a free 500ml Draught (Stella or Castle light) for R 99.00


Please note the following:

  • To avoid disappointment, bookings are recommended
  • Terms and conditions apply
  • Promotions are for the uShaka moyo Main store only
  • Menu items are subject to availability
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moyo uShaka

November, 2017: It’s summer time and now moyo Durban fans can come on back to the sunniest, saltiest hangout spot KZN has to offer. The moyo uShaka Pier is reopening on 02 December 2017, just in time for year-end celebrations and the holiday mood that is already filling the air.

With the pier being closed for a total of 16 weeks to date, the vital well maintenance has been successfully completed and even more exciting is the announcement that the moyo uShaka team have completely revamped the pier bar which will be revealed to the public for the first time.

The Pier offers guests a new look, a breezy atmosphere and fantastic dreamy ocean views, making the moyo pier the perfect casual African dining experience. With the reveal of the newly revamped pier, moyo will delight guests with a new menu, which focuses on simple African light meals and baskets, featuring burgers, shisanyama and the traditional favourite tripe.

The moyo main restaurant underwent a subdivision as well as some refurbishments in order to enhance the African ambience and make guests feel welcome a home away from home with Mama moyo. “We strive to ensure each guest has an unforgettable moyo experience and for that reason we felt that the store required some refurbishments, allowing us to heighten and enrich the nostalgic, memorable appeal of moyo uShaka”, says moyo Marketing Manager, Lynette Balie.

Furthermore moyo has decided to shift their focus onto the quality of their food rather than quantity, striving to give guests from near and far a truly memorable African experience. The emphasis on the quality of the food gives room to provide specialised cuisine centered around the element of excellence.

So whether it be a sundowner and a snack on the pier or a dinner party in the main restaurant to celebrate the end of the year, moyo uShaka caters to all needs and invites guests to come and celebrate the end of the year in true African style.

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