moyo Melrose Arch

In the heart of Johannesburg, the 350-seater, multi-level modern restaurant – clad in copper with pressed pebble walls – embodies Africa’s finest music and urban cuisine offerings.

Live stage bands provide soulful vibes and dining options are diverse – from relaxed meals enjoyed on the outdoor square, to romantic dinners in Gigi’s cosy alcoves.

Business lunches are ever popular, along with monthly events and corporate functions held in an authentic African club atmosphere, replete with a well-stocked wine cellar.

Monday: 11h00 – 23h00

Tuesday: 11h00 – 23h00

Wednesday: 11h00 – 23h00

Thursday: 11h00 – 23h00

Friday: 11h00 – 23h00

Saturday: 11h00 – 23h00

Sunday: 11h00 – 23h00

Closed on New Year’s Day

African Deluxe Sandwiches

Our decadent sandwiches are prepared with your choice of homemade seeded bread or pumpkin bread and accompanied with hand cut chips. Available until 18:00 daily.

Crumbed chicken and chakalaka
R 105

Crumbed chicken breast with lettuce, avocado, sliced cheddar and chakalaka (on the side)

Spicy prego steak sandwich
R 115

Best served on pumpkin bread
125gr Beef sirloin marinated with bay leaf, peppercorns, garlic, olive oil, chilli, served with caramelised onion, fresh lettuce and tomato

moyo open sandwiches

Available until 18:00 daily.

Crushed avo
R 95

Crushed avocado on toasted seeded bread with sliced tomato and dukkah cream cheese, drizzled with olive oil and tabasco

Light Meals

Available until 18:00 daily

Lentil curry Wrap (V)
R 69

A toasted butter brushed cumin wrap, filled with a Malay style assorted lentil and sugar bean curry, served with sambals, carrot salad and riata.

South Coast fish cakes
R 79

Homemade fish cakes, crumbed and deep fried, served with chermoula mayonnaise and crunchy coleslaw

Sowetan wings
R 89

4 Grilled chicken wings basted with your choice of BBQ or Peri Peri, presented with hand cut chips

Fish Hoek fish and chips
R 98

Presented traditionally on paper, jumbo hake in crisp batter, with hand cut chips, lemon wedges and harissa mayonnaise

Ushaka lamb bunny chow
R 105

Delicious Durban style lamb curry in home baked bunny chow bread, served with carrot salad and raita

Maize crumbed shrimp
R 149

Maize and panko crumbed, deep fried shrimp, tossed in a sweet harissa mayonnaise and served with hand cut chips


Bread platter
R 49

Crisp Moroccan and Tunisian flat bread drizzled with dukka olive oil and served with a chickpea and chilli dip

Fried mopane worms
R 55

Butter sautéed mopane, served in a traditional tomato gravy

Free State sweet potato soup (v)
R 55

Creamy sweet potato soup, served with sweet potato crisps and pumpkin bread roll

Peri peri chicken livers bunny chow
R 62

Pan-fried chicken livers in a spicy East African peri peri sauce, presented in homemade bunny chow bread rolls

Moyo samoosas
R 62

3 deep fried triangular pastry pockets presented with homemade chutney
Mild curried beef mince | Cheese and spring onion (v)

Beef koftas
R 69

Spiced beef meatball skewers, served with chilli paste and minted yoghurt, cumin flatbread and a petit salad

Crocodile tail pies
R 69

Diced crocodile tail in a creamy mustard filling, baked in puff pastry and presented with a pineapple and orange salsa, and a rocket and red onion salad

Springbok carpaccio
R 78

Thinly sliced cured springbok loin served with an avocado, caper & celery salsa, parmesan shavings, pickled mushrooms and micro herbs

West coast mussels
R 85

Half shelled black mussels steamed in a white wine, cream and garlic sauce

Calamari dovi
R 85

Seared calamari caramelised in molasses, mint and harissa sauce, sprinkled with groundnut


Freshly prepared burgers, all served on a pumpkin bread roll with hand cut chips

moyo burger
R 95

Homemade 150gr smashed beef patty perfectly grilled, served with fresh tomato and lettuce

Dukkah delight
R 120

Homemade 150gr smashed beef patty seasoned with dukkah spice and perfectly grilled, served with cream cheese, bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato and parmesan cheese

Mama’s inkukhu burger
R 120

Panko crumbed chicken breast served with harissa mayonnaise, avocado, onion rings and fresh tomato

Add burger extras

Egg - R12
Cheddar cheese - R 15
Bacon - R18
Avocado (when ripe) - R 35


House salad
R 79

Baby spinach leaves, butter lettuce, cucumber, chickpeas, marinated red onion, roasted pumpkin cubes, vine tomatoes, string beans, melba toast and toasted pumpkin seeds, with a mustard and herb dressing

Egyptian vegetarian salad (V)
R 89

Marinated olives, cucumber, cherry tomato with cumin dressing, feta, mutabbal (brinjal dip) tabbouleh ,chilli spiked hummus, served with pita bread

Limpopo chicken salad
R 115

Honey glazed sesame grilled chicken, rocket, mixed greens, tomato, feta, spicy nuts and strawberries, dressed with mustard and herb dressing

Oudtshoorn ostrich salad
R 120

Marinated ostrich slivers, cubed feta, peppers, avocado, cucumber, nut crackle, and baby spinach leaves with a honey and mustard dressing

Add salad extras

Olives - R25
Feta - R25
Avocado (when ripe) - R35
Biltong - R 45

Kraal grill & Communal kraal mixed grill

All our meat is carefully selected and certified to ensure the best quality experience

Kraal Grill

Our grills are accompanied by either a side of your choice OR African spinach and nhopi dovi. Enjoy your meat either coated in rich dark basting, seasoned with dukkah salt or grilled plain to your taste

300gr Rump - R149
300gr Sirloin - R149
300gr Lamb chops - R 179
250gr Fillet - R185
300gr Ostrich fillet - R185
500gr T-bone - R195
500gr Rump - R195

Communal kraal mixed grill
R 599

Feeds 4
Basted, spiced or grilled plain. The communal grill must be enjoyed with good company and great wine, the moyo way. 300gr Sirloin, 400gr Boerewors, 400gr Lamb chops and 300gr Ostrich fillet with African spinach, nhopi dovi and your choice of 2 sides

Seafood platter
R 789

To share - subject to availability
Mozambique peri peri prawns, Senegalese line fish, mussels steamed in a white wine, cream and garlic sauce, grilled crayfish and calamari dovi, with Moroccan rice, hand cut chips, creamy lemon butter and peri peri sauce

Sides & Sauces

R 35

Pap – maize meal cooked soft
Hand cut chips – double fried with the skin on and seasoned
Samp – cracked white maize, cooked soft with a splash of cream
Moroccan rice – white rice cooked with rosemary
Nhopi dovi – Zimbabwean style pumpkin and peanut purée
African spinach – braised with sweet potato, onion and cumin
Mealies – yellow corn on the cob, sliced and spiced with peri peri
Seasonal vegetables - sautéed in a pan with butter
Side salad - a side portion of our house salad
Potato galette – layers of thinly sliced potato baked in cream and herbs
Mashed potatoes – smooth, creamy smashed potato, with fried chives
Dombolo side – traditional steamed dumplings

R 30

Madagascan green peppercorn
Dukkah mushroom
Mozambican creamy peri peri
Creamy roasted garlic

Tagines & potjies

Preparation styles of North, East and South Africa, cooked and served in cast iron pots with your choice of couscous, Moroccan rice, pap, samp or dombolo

Zucchini, brinjal And mushroom smoor
R 99

Moroccan inspired slow cooked vegetable stew of zucchini, brinjal and mushrooms, with toasted flaked almonds, grilled peppers and chickpeas

Spicy North African Chicken tagine
R 149

Chicken, braised with pearl onions, ginger, garlic and coriander and cumin seed, in a rich chicken stock, with butternut and cinnamon stick, finished with honey and fresh coriander

Beef dombolo
R 149

Beef braised in a rich beef stock with onions, carrots and tomato, served with traditional dumplings

Klein Karoo venison potjie
R 155

Venison slow cooked in a sweet, dark beer jus with baby onions, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

Lamb and chickpea tagine
R 175

Karoo lamb slow cooked with tagine spice in tomato, peach, ginger and coriander sauce

Durban lamb curry
R 175

Cubed lamb on the bone, prepared in a perfect blend of masala and whole spices, served with poppadum, sambals, carrot salad and raita

Oxtail Amos
R 179

Our famous oxtail braised with butterbeans and carrots in red wine beef jus

moyo meals

Flame grilled chermoula fish
R 165

Fresh line fish fillet rubbed with chermoula paste then flamed grilled, served with chickpea salad and hand cut chips

Seared calamari
R 165

Seared calamari sautéed with olives, broccoli and garlic, drizzled with lemony harissa butter and served with Moroccan rice

Maputo peri peri chicken
R 169

Made famous in Maputo – flamed spatchcock chicken in peri peri, with hand cut chips

Nyama na kumba
R 169

200gr basted beef sirloin skewered with prawns, grilled to perfections and served with a lemon harissa sauce, sautéed seasonal vegetables and hand cut chips

Prawn and chicken curry
R 175

Fragrant creamy curry with tones of traditional spices and coconut served with Moroccan rice and poppadum

Senegalese line fish
R 179

Fresh line fish grilled and topped with a creamy coconut, mango and bell pepper base sauce, infused with ground nut and ginger and topped with sliced olives, served on couscous with African spinach and nhopi dovi

Moroccan slow braised lamb shank
R 199

Lamb shank, slow cooked in rich spiced gravy, with sautéed seasonal vegetables and mashed potato OR couscous

moyo flamed fillet
R 199

Aged fillet filled with mushroom, spinach and mozzarella, on herb potato galette with creamy Madagascan green peppercorn and peppadew sauce

Mozambique peri peri prawns
R 299

Prawns in a homemade peri peri sauce, served with Moroccan rice OR hand cut chips

Kids menu

**for Children under 12 years**

Worsie en chips
R 52

100gr boerewors, sliced, with hand cut chips and tomato sauce

Chicken bites
R 52

3 double crumbed chicken strips, served with mayonnaise, tomato sauce and chips

Mini South Coast fish cakes
R 52

Served with chips and tomato sauce

moyo kids combo
R 69

Any kids meal + kids milkshake/soda + moyo Kids activity pack

Kid’s ice cream
R 18

A scoop of Vanilla ice cream with shaved chocolate


Amarula ice cream
R 50

Vanilla ice cream with a shot of Amarula and shaved chocolate

Apple, butternut and white chocolate crumble
R 60

Stewed cinnamon apple and butternut, spiked with white chocolate and baked with delicate crumble, served with vanilla ice cream

Peppermint crisp cheesecake
R 69

Creamy, rich fridge cheesecake served with butterscotch and chocolate drizzle

Cape malva pudding
R 69

Flambéed with brandy and served with custard, creamy vanilla ice cream and ground pistachio nuts

Decadent Chocolate Brownies
R 69

moyo's cross between a cake and a cookie, with walnuts, drizzled with custard and chocolate sauce, served with vanilla ice-cream



Captain Njano – R 62
Spiced Gold rum blended with fresh pineapple, coconut extracts, fresh lemon and mango juice

Kijani Skyy – R 65
SKYY Infusions vanilla vodka shaken with cucumber extracts, fresh lime and pineapple juice

Cherri Gin Smash – R 69
Tanqueray gin shaken with morello cherry extracts, fresh rosemary and lime

African Sunset – R 70
Spiced Gold rum and peach schnapps muddled with fresh strawberries, mixed berry puree and fresh limes. Served tall, capped with crushed ice and finished with a fresh orange float

Spiced Mango Lemonade – R 70
Smirnoff Triple Distilled vodka mixed with mango puree, Sicilian lemon mix, fresh oranges and rosemary, finished with ginger ale

Highveld Storm – R 70
Bacardi Carta Negra rum shaken with tiki spice extracts, fresh limes and aromatic bitters.Served tall and charged with stoney.

Garden Route Rum Cup – R 79
Bacardi 8 Anos rum and sweet vermouth stirred with sundried orange and aromatic bitters. Served tall with seasonal fruit and charged with ginger ale and Coca-Cola.

Kilimanjaro – R 89
Tanqueray gin shaken with passion fruit puree, fresh limes and mint. Served tall over ice and charged with Score premium energy drink with guarana.

Tropical Tiki – R 89
Bacardi rum shaken with peach schnapps, fresh mint, tiki spiced syrup, passion fruit puree, fresh lime, orange and pineapple juice. Finished off with a float of Captain Morgan dark rum

Double Black Berry Blaze – R 95
Tall, dark and frozen. Smirnoff Triple Distilled vodka and Double Black with guarana, blended with blueberry puree and fresh limes

Classic-e moyo

Cosmopolitan – R 59
Smirnoff Triple Distilled vodka shaken with triple sec, fresh lime and cranberry juice, garnished with a citrus twist

Pina Colada – R 65
An island classic. Bacardi rum blended with coconut extracts and fresh pineapple

Classic Mamarita – R 69
The traditional fusion of el Jimador blanco tequila with triple sec and freshly squeezed lime juice. Served shaken or frozen

Long Island Iced Tea – R 69
Four white spirits shaken with triple sec and freshly squeezed lemon. Served long and charged with coke

Strawberry Daiquiri – R 72
Bacardi rum blended with wild strawberry extracts, fresh lime and sultry strawberry juice, served frozen

Mojito – R 75
Made with the freshest limes, quartered and muddled gently with mint, pure cane sugar and Bacardi rum. Stirred with crushed ice and topped with a splash of soda water

moyo (1L) Jugs

Berry Boma – R 160
Red wine and wild berry puree mixed with fresh fruit and orange juice, topped with lemonade

Passion of the Serengeti – R 160
Rosé wine mixed with granadilla puree, fresh orange and lemon, topped with crisp cranberry juice

Makulu Aperol – R 169
The classic Aperol Spritz built with Cinzano Prosecco, Club Soda and fresh orange. Served over ice

moyo-tails (non-alcoholic)

Virgin Colada – R 48
Fresh pineapple blended with coconut milk extracts and lemon

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri – R 48
Wild strawberry puree, fresh lime and sultry strawberry juice, served frozen

Virgin Njano – R 48
Sun-ripened mango puree, fresh lime and mango juice, served frozen

Berry Citrus Twist – R 48
Orange curacao extracts shaken with fresh lime and sultry strawberry juice, layered over orange juice

No-jito – R 55
Made with the freshest limes, quartered and muddled gently with mint and pure cane sugar. Stirred with crushed ice and topped with a splash of soda water


House Wine

Brampton Sauvignon Blanc - Bottle R 185 | 250ml Carafe R 60
Brampton Chardonnay Unoaked - Bottle R 185 | 250ml Carafe R 60
Brampton Rose - Bottle R 175 |250ml Carafe R 60
Brampton Pinotage - Bottle R 220 | 250ml Carafe R 69
Brampton Shiraz - Bottle R 220 | 250ml Carafe R 69
Brampton Cabernet Sauvignon - Bottle R 220 | 250ml Carafe R 69


Nederburg - R 149 | *Carafe R 59
Beyerskloof Pinotage Dry - R 195

Sauvignon Blanc

Darling Cellars Bush Vine - R 155
Bon Courage The Gooseberry Bush - R 170
L’Avenir Far & Near - R 199
Cape Point Cape Town - R 299 | 250ml R 99

White Blends

Wolftrap White - R 160
Nederburg Lyric - R 149 | *Carafe R 60
Flagstone “Noon Gun” - R 160
Groot Constantia - R 275

Chardonnay Wooded

Durbanville Hills - R 175
Glen Carlou - R 320 | * Carafe R 125
Rustenberg - R 485 | * Carafe R 185

Chardonnay Unwooded

Glenelly Glass Collection - R 195
Warwick First Lady (unoaked) - R 245 | *Carafe R 99

Chenin Blanc

Mulderbosch - R 195 | *Carafe R 69
Kleine Zalze Vineyard Selection - R 285

Pinot Noir

Creation - R 535 | *Carafe R 199
Meerlust - R 745

Cabernet Sauvignon

Ernie Els “Big Easy” - R 210 | *Carafe R 89
Warwick “First Lady” - R 255
Meinert - R 415 | *Carafe R 160


Barista - R 220
Simonsig - R 265 | *Carafe R 89
Diemersdal Reserve - R 430


Robertson - R 185
Landskroon - R 210 | *Carafe R 75
The Stellenbosch Reserve - R 345


Fat Bastard - R 299 | *Carafe R 110
La Motte - R 399

Red Blends

The Wolftrap Red - R 160
Nederburg Barone - R 180 | *Carafe R 80
Edgebaston Pepper Pot - R 245 | *Carafe R 95
Spice Route Chakalaka - R 499

Champagne & Methode Cap Classique


Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial NV – R 1200 | Glass R 299
Deliciously rich and creamy with biscuit, walnut and fruit on the palate

Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial – R 1350
A burst of exotic fruits, with the roundness of stone fruits and a slight hint of vanilla

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label – R 1350
Delicious with notes of berries and brioche

Methode Cap Classique

Krone Borealis Cuvee Brut MCC – R 289 | Glass R 89
Elegant blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

Krone Night Nectar – R 299 | Glass R 99
Charmingly drinkable, generous, with a satisfying touch of sweetness

Pierre Jourdan Cuvee Belle Rose – R 299
Freshness and finesse with delicious fruit that lingers in the mouth

Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Brut – R 299
Chardonnay / Pinot Noir blend. Crisp and refreshing

Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Demi Sec – R 299
Lovely spring blossoms and ripe summer fruit with hints of caramelised baked apple on the nose follows through to a rich sensual sweetness on the taste.

at moyo, we are about celebrating…

Celebrating the big and the small, the personal and the public, but mostly we’re about celebrating about you and what matters to you. Whether small and intimate or large and extravagant, your event at moyo will be unique as we infuse it with authentic African style and ambience.

We have created menu offerings to meet all your eventing needs and have a team of celebrations specialists ready to assist you in making your event unforgettable.

We Host

Conferences | Weddings | Cocktail events | Tour groups | Birthdays | High teas | Corporate events and meetings | Year ends | Baby showers | Matric farewells and more…

Contact our functions team

Menus and Packages

A la Carte | Communal FeastsCanapés | Buffets | Conference Packages | Year End


  • A la carte for groups of 10 or less.
  • Communal feast menus for groups of 11 and more.
  • Buffet and canapé menus only by prior arrangement.

Maximum seating:

  • 500 guests seated
  • 750 guests cocktail style

Quick Facts

Distance from OR Tambo International Airport: 45 minutes by car (traffic dependent)
Distance from Sandton CBD: 15 minutes by car (traffic dependent)
Distance from Rosebank Gautrain Station: 10 minutes direct by Gautrain bus

Opening times: 364 days of the year – closed on New Year’s day

Sittings: Lunch and dinner

Lunch: 11h00 – 17h00

Dinner: 18h00 – 23h00


Included services: Live entertainment, face painting and hand washing ceremonies.

Area Seated Cocktail Note
Full venue
Without additional infrastructure
500 750  
Dining Areas
Rock 1 80 100  
Rock 2  120 140  
Entire Rock Room 200 260 Includes Rock 1 + Rock 2
Rock Level 1 40 50
Kitchen Level 60 80
Retail 12
Mezzanine Level 60 80
Outside Terrace 120 150 Weather dependent

moyo Melrose Arch gallery